inlingua School of Languages

Recruitment Agents

inlingua School of Languages works closely with local and overseas external recruitment agents who are carefully selected, monitored and assessed.   All our agents are required to protect the interests of our students and the reputation of our organisation.   They are trained to deliver quality services and  not to engage in any misrepresentation and unethical practices.

Our Recruitment Agents

CompanyLocationAnnual Agent's Agreement Expiry date
Primorskiy Club Travel Company Vladivostok, Russia31 December 2018
ALC Press Inc Tokyo, Japan31 December 2018
Arc Three International Osaka, Japan31 December 2018
BnB UHAK Busan, Republic of Korea31 December 2018
Business Class Agency Vladivostock, Russia31 December 2018
C Win Corporation Pte Ltd Singapore31 December 2018
Connection Plus Pte Ltd Singapore / Russia31 December 2018
Daniel Management Services Kuching, Sarawak 31 December 2018
Flying Chalks Pte Ltd Singapore 31 December 2018
GloApp Human Capital Pte Ltd Singapore31 December 2018
Global Education & Training Consultants Tokyo, Japan31 December 2018
Global Education Services (GES) Taipei,Taiwan31 December 2018
Global Singapore Associates Pte Ltd Singapore31 December 2018
Globe Trotter T&E Inc (Gio Club Study Abroad) Tokyo, Japan31 December 2018
ICC World, International Cross-cultural Committee Tokyo, Japan31 December 2018
iStudycanada Education Centre Bangkok, Thailand31 December 2018
LinguaTrip INC CA, United States31 December 2018
Maco & Accompany Pte Ltd Singapore31 December 2018
Mainichi Education Inc Tokyo, Japan31 December 2018
Mandarin Travel Company Khabarovsk, Russia31 December 2018
My Education Bangkok, Thailand31 December 2018
Redot Education Group International Pte Ltd Singapore31 December 2018
Rian Singapore Dot Com Limited Partnership Bangkok, Thailand31 December 2018
SA Consultants Singapore & India 31 December 2018
Shanghai Jinbo Exit-Entry Affairs Services CO LTD Shanghai, China31 December 2018
Shinseki Education Consulting Company Seoul, South Korea31 December 2018
Singjunmo Seoul, South Korea31 December 2018
Spice Up Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore / Japan31 December 2018
SS Connexion Pte Ltd Singapore31 December 2018
Students International Group Pty Ltd Moscow, Russia31 December 2018

According to the Singapore Government’s EduTrust requirements the School will publish on its website for a period of 3 months the names of any Agents who no longer represent the School. All our agents listed above have valid agreements and currently represent the School.

List of Agents that no longer represent the SchoolLocationDate on which the Agent ceased to represent the School
AER World Co Ltd Tokyo, Japan31 December 2016
Archer Industries Singapore / Thailand06 July 2016
B2Education-Language & Sports Rostock,Germany31 December 2017
Beijing HTYZ Cultural Communication Co Ltd Beijing, China19 April 2016
Bridge Study Abroad Center Aichi, Japan31 December 2016
CES Education Services Jakarta, Indonesia 31 December 2017
CV Universal Services Surabaya, Indonesia31 December 2017
Dewey International Education Co., Ltd Taichung City, Taiwan31 December 2016
Disco Inc. Japan31 December 2016
ECC International Osaka, Japan31 December 2016
Gelios Travel Co., Ltd Russia16 February 2016
HY Overseas Education Service Seoul, South Korea 31 December 2017
HydeFLY Study Abroad Company Ltd Bangkok, Thailand19 January 2016
Information Planet Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia31 December 2017
International Agency 5th Avenue Med & Tour Khabarovsk, Russia31 December 2016
International Consulting Pte Ltd Singapore / South Korea31 December 2016
International House Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia11 June 2016
Japan Asia Culture Centre Osaka, Japan31 December 2017
LKP Synergy International Training and Consultancy Medan, Indonesia31 December 2016
Mongs Overseas Study Centre Seoul, South Korea31 December 2017
Onwards Education Consultancy Pte Ltd Singapore / China31 December 2017
SingaRo Yuhak Seoul, South Korea31 December 2017
Suitcase Study Pte Ltd Singapore / Russia / Eastern Europe31 December 2016
T&T S.C. K. Onysk-Lisowska, S. Lisowski Warsaw, Poland31 December 2016
THE UHAK Seoul / Busan, South Korea31 December 2017
TripleFirst Co.Ltd (Ryugaku dot com) Tokyo, Japan 31 December 2017
VINAHURE (Viet Human Resource Joint Stock Company) Hanoi City, Vietnam31 December 2016
WING Japan Miyazaki, Japan31 December 2017
Ya Language School Novosibirsk, Russia31 December 2017
Zenith Education Professional Co Ltd Bangkok, Thailand31 December 2017

Note for Agents: New agents applying must supply a business registration certificate or licence.