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Learn a Language by speaking the Language The inlingua method teaches you to communicate in the target language from the very first lesson as the emphasis is on direct communication through speaking. Whether you need a language for business presentations or meetings, to pass a language test or just for socializing and shopping, inlingua has a language course for you.
Business Course Business Courses Flexible business language training for busy professionals who need to function effectively in business situations. Enhance your ability to express yourself diplomatically and build profitable and lasting business relationships. Private business lessons available. Corporate Training Corporate Training Available in any of the languages we teach, corporate training can be tailor-made to your needs. Whatever your industry, let us customise your course and give your staff the opportunity to become global players. Send us an enquiry and let us know your plans for your next company training course. IELTS Test IELTS Courses There is a choice of full-time and part-time preparation courses for the IELTS exam. Become familiar with real exam settings from the first lesson and sit an entire mock IELTS test at the end of each week. IELTS classes start every month. Learning Chinese Chinese Classes If you think that learning Mandarin is essential for your future career or if you are simply living in Singapore and don't want to miss half of the fun, this is the Chinese course for you! The course is designed to get you started with Mandarin Chinese, and let you improve your fluency to advanced levels. Learning English English Classes If you need to use English effectively in social day-to-day situations, this is an English course where you will learn how to use the language accurately and without looking for words. Learn English today at inlingua! Courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Learning French French Classes French is not only the language of love, but also the language of diplomacy! A French course will open the doors to international relations, the job market and socio-cultural activities. Learn French and discover this melodious and fun language with your native French teacher. Learning German German Classes 'Meine Schwester hat braunes Haar. Sie ist intelligent. Sie studiert Medizin in Berlin' ... Can you read any of this? Is German as hard as you think? Think again! With a lovely language, a strong economy and a rich cultural heritage, there are plenty of reasons to learn German and enrol on a German course. Learning Indonesian Indonesian Classes Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and with an economy growing at a fast pace, there are plenty of reasons for learning Indonesian. Enrol on an Indonesian course and learn Indonesian to enhance your opportunities to build strong ties with Singapore's largest neighbour. Learning Italian Italian Classes Have you ever used words like 'Ciao, Graffiti, Latte, Solo or Stiletto'? Do you know where they come from? Well... learn Italian and you will find out! This Italian course will equip you with some basic vocabulary needed for travelling or simply understanding your next Italian menu! Learning Japanese Japanese Classes Japan and its fast-moving economy and cutting-edge culture has always been the leading model in Asia. Yet, to fully understand Japan and Japanese people, you need to speak Japanese as the country still operates very much in Japanese only. Enrol on a Japanese course and learn Japanese in a practical way. Start speaking Japanese from the very first lesson and immerse yourself in this fascinating culture. Learning Korean Korean Classes Whether you are fond of Korean pop culture or you are planning your next trip to Korea, this basic Korean course will give you solid foundations to learn the Korean language. Pre-intermediate and Intermediate Korean conversational courses are also available. Learning Malay Malay Classes Malay is not just Singapore's national language, but also the language spoken across the causeway! How often do you travel to Malaysia? Would you like to learn some basic Malay to interact with your Malay clients? This is the Malay course that will teach you the Malay language and culture. Learning Russian Russian Classes The beauty of the country and its lucrative business opportunities have made Russia a top destination for travellers and investors. Enrol on a Russian course and learn what you need to appreciate its cultural value from your native Russian teacher! Learning Spanish Spanish Classes Widely spoken across North and South America, and of course Europe, Spanish is a language used for business and social purposes. This Spanish course will teach you enough to become an independent traveller or a polite guest at a social gathering! Learn Spanish today with inlingua. Learning Thai Thai Classes Travelling to Thailand for business or pleasure is something we have all done at least once. What about going back to Thailand and being able to speak Thai? Enrol on a Thai course and learn how to speak some basic Thai to function effectively when travelling or meeting friends or clients. Learning Vietnamese Vietnamese Classes Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing countries in South-East Asia and it has captured the imagination of many Singapore-based businesses. Learn Vietnamese and understand its culture and traditions. Our Vietnamese course will enable you to express yourself in a simple but effective way when interacting with Vietnamese people for business or pleasure. Contact us to find out more

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