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Why Learn a Foreign Language?

The world today is ever-changing with the rapid advancement in technologies. Interdependencies amongst the economies of the world have continued to increase as the boundaries between countries disappear. The rapid international movement and relocation of people around the world has also created multicultural societies and workforce. As such, having language skills and being eloquent in more than one language is a critical need in the world of today.

Top 3 Reasons to Learn a New Language

Do you know?

Research has shown that language learning improves our cognitive abilities.


Similar to a musician’s brain is structurally enhanced and trained to master their musical instruments; language learners who speak more than one language go through ‘exercises’ to remember new vocabulary and grammar rules and thus have better memory.


Creativity is largely dependent on the strength and power of cognitive functions such as planning, cognitive flexibility and working memory. As learners experiment with the different sentence structures, language learners are constantly honing their communication skills and developing their creativity simultaneously.

Listening Skills

Better listening skills are cultivated as the brain is enriched and developed to process sounds efficiently, distinguishing what is relevant and what isn’t.