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Business English Course


Open new doors and further your career with better English communication skills!

Conducted twice a week and using material from both Inlingua and the highly successful textbook series developed by the Financial Times, this Business English course will include:

  • Discussions on various business topics
  • Professional vocabulary building and use
  • Pronunciation practice to sound articulate and natural
  • Functional language necessary in the corporate world
  • Listening practice based on the Financial Times’ articles and interviews
  • Grammar review
  • Analysis of case studies of companies

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The course is ideal for professionals who:

  • want a course that focuses 80% on speaking and listening skills
  • need to use English to communicate in the workplace
  • have completed English Business courses before and need a refresher
  • are busy and are unable to take full-time Business English classes

Course Pre-requisites

Students should have the pre-requisites listed below to sign-up for a course. Please send your language proficiency certificate to to enroll.

If you do not have the pre-requisites, please give our school a call at 6737 6666 or email us to arrange for a free 10-minute phone or face-to-face interview. Interviews are available between 9 a.m and 7 p.m.

If your language proficiency test is not listed below, please call or email us

Business English
Elementary 1 and 2

Business English
Elementary 3 and 4

Business English
Intermediate 1 and 2

Business English
Intermediate 3 and 4

Business English
Advanced 1 and 2

inlingua English Elementary 2
TOEIC 110 - 270
TOEFL (IBT) 41 - 60

inlingua English Elementary 4 or inlingua Business English 1
TOEIC 275 - 325
TOEFL (IBT) 61 - 80

inlingua English Intermediate 2 or inlingua Business English 2
TOEIC 330 - 395 (Listening), 330 - 380 (Reading)
TOEFL (IBT) 81 - 100

inlingua English Intermediate 4 or inlingua Business English 3
TOEIC 440 - 485 (Listening), 385 - 450 (Reading)
TOEFL (IBT) 101 - 110

inlingua English Advanced 2 or inlingua Business English 4
TOEIC 490 - 495 (Listening), 455 - 495 (Reading)
TOEFL (IBT) 111 - 120


How is the course conducted?

There is a 10 minute break for every 50 minutes of instruction. Each level of the course has 3 modules. Each module consists of 18 hours of teaching and 2 hours of oral and written assessment. While it is recommended that modules be taken in sequence, students may choose to do an earlier module if they wish.

Module Cost

Tuition Fee: $380
Materials Fee: $70
Registration Fee: $20

Prices are inclusive of GST.

A minimum of 4 registered students is required for a course to start. 

To learn more about the course or schedule a placement test, please drop us an email at

13 sessions of 2 hours:
$676 ($26/hour)
Progress test:
One-time registration fee:
Books and CD-ROM:
Total (1 part, 14 sessions):
Total (2 parts, 28 sessions):

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Available Classes

Students are advised to confirm the commencement of classes with the school. 

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Please contact us for upcoming course schedules.


Please contact us for upcoming course schedules.


Please contact us for upcoming course schedules.

Please note that these are short courses (less than 1 month or 50 hours in duration) leading to the award of a certificate and do not require registration with the Committee for Private Education.