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    I learned English at Inlingua school for three weeks. It was a short time, but I was happy because I met people from other countries and profession, and I was taught by the best teachers. Amazing experience!”

    Heredi S. | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markI appreciate all of the teachers and receptionists at inlingua, they are kind and helpful anytime. Thanks a lot!”

    IKUMI M. | Full-Time English Course | 

    (There was) not enough time to study English,but I had wonderful time in inlingua and Singapore thanks to your assistance.

    I'm confident I (will) keep study(ing) English continuously and make progress.

    TOSHIYA | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markFirstly, I want to say "Thank you" for your helpful staff and teachers at inlingua school. I am very happy when i studied here. I have lots of new friends from other countries. It's good experience for me

    If I have (the) chance, I will be back to inlingua in Singapore again. Thanks for the knowledge that the teachers have given to me.

    "I love inlingua school :)"

    JUTHAPAK | Full-Time English Course | 

    Frankly, I had (an) unforgettable experience in inlingua. The classes are intense; not only (the) contents of lecture, but also people are amazing. I could feel diversity in a class room.

    In addition to the classes, private lessons are literally perfect. Michael is (one of the most) helpful, supportive and enthusiastic teacher I have ever seen.

    So, I have to say that I'm really satisfied with my days in inlingua and want to thank all of you!

    YOSHIAKI | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markI wanted to learn English and Chinese in a foreign country during mY university's spring vacation for 2 months. So firstly, I chose Singapore. Then I searched (for a) language school and decided to learn at inlingua.

    There were many students from many countries. In my English class, students were from Spain, Poland, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. It was my first time learn(ing) English with foreign people, the differences of culture and the way of thinking were really interesting. I found that foreign people (may) know about Japan better than me!!

    I learnt English for first 1 month, and I spent my last 1 months for Chinese.
    My Chinese teacher taught me Chinese in Chinese, but they explained about difficult grammar or sentences in English. My classmates were from Thailand and India, so we helped each other in English when we had questions. We could communicate in English trying to use Chinese words. That was (a) very good point for me because I think this helped me a lot to to increase my English ability, not only Chinese.

    I could also meet many Japanese (here).
    For me, I think I couldn't enjoy my time in Singapore if my Japanese friends were not kind to me.

    And there is also (an) important thing to say... inlingua has many opportunities to communicate with your teachers in addition to lessons. All of them are really kind to students. The Receptionists and Admissions Executives too. For example, they told me how to take a bus or about good restaurants in Singapore.

    Singapore has many good places to visit, there are very tasty food and people have great energy. It's a good place to learn language. If possible, I'd like to go back to Singapore and inlingua right now.

    inlingua gave me a great opportunity to meet and communicate with many people from many countries. It's my lifetime treasure.

    KOTOHA | Full-Time English and Chinese Course | 

    At first, the reason why I decided to come to inlingua was partly because they were very nice to me in emails. When I came here, I realised they are really this way. All of them (staff and teachers) are wonderful people and make you feel like a friend. They are always trying to help you.

    Classes are very interesting and it focuses on improving your communication skills, something very important to me.

    Talking about classmates, I must say this was for me the best because everyone is very friendly and I can say I made very close friends here. I think that the atmosphere in this school transmit positivism and infects us all.

    ALMA | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markI'm so sad now, because I have to go back to Japan tonight. My 3 weeks in inlingua has ended today. Time flies...

    Actually before I came here, I hadn't expected too much. But now I feel totally opposite. Good environment, great teachers, friendly staff and awesome friends from all over the world!! Spain, France, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mongolia etc.

    The experiences in Singapore and what I learned in inlingua will be my treasure. Thank you everyone. :)

    P.S.: Oh and I really liked the materials that you chose for the Advanced Class.

    MIKA | Full-Time English Course | 

    "Thank you for everything. One month in Singapore was a great time for me! inlingua gave me many valuable experiences. I could enjoy and forget about my job.

    I think that my English skills have improved a lot. The people of inlingua were very nice. I'll never forget the people of inlingua. What's more, if I come to Singapore again, I'll surely visit inlingua.

    YUJIRO | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markSome teachers are kinda and friendly. Staff are so friendly and helpful. I can concentrate on my studies.

    YUI | Full-Time English Course | 2014

    "Thank you for your help since before Thanarat joined the school. I have to thank you for your help and assistance to Thanarat's smooth enrollment. Without your help and advice, I would probably 'lost' in getting her to school and her extension of course. She has been happy studying at the school during the past 4 months, meeting up new friends and nice Inlingua staffs have kept her happy. Time flies I must say.

    I'm delighted with Thanarat taking up English course at Inlingua. Both of us are grateful to you and the rest of your colleagues who have helped us. Thank you once again for your help." - Marcus

    Thank you for your help and guidance. I have a memorable time spent with the staff and teachers. Most of the teachers are able to convey the knowledge and show passion in teaching.

    THANARAT | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markDays at inlingua were more than I expected!! This school has changed a lot compared to the last time I studied at about 15 years ago in many ways. Curriculum, the quality of staff, teachers and more. Students' motivations were high in my class. You can make progress in (learning) English and enjoy at the same time! I definitely recommend this school to my friends.

    I appreciate Rufina's extended service!! Aminah was also very helpful!! Love Chris' lesson a lot!!

    YAYOI | Full-Time English Course | 

    Great teachers, great times!!

    TOMOUMI | Full-Time English Course | 

    quotation-markLearn the basic skills for the preparation for IELTS in short time, helpful teacher and conducive learning environment!

    KIMBERLY | IELTS Preparatory Course |   Source: Yago

    (I) took the IELTS preparation course. The materials were great. The teachers were resourceful and helpful. I learnt a lot during the course.

    AGNES | IELTS Preparatory Course |   Source: Yago

    quotation-markI took an examination course at inlingua (IELTS) and I'm very happy with the course and my teachers (I had two). I actually passed the test and I owe it completely to my teachers. Thank you inlingua!

    ASIMO | IELTS Preparatory Course Source: inSing

    I like the school, the teachers are very friendly and nice to students. I have a lot of friends from different countries and I enjoy being with them!

    VONG VONG | Full-Time English Course |